At Chem-Rectic Ltd, we work our very best to make sure that you, our client and the world at large have the best quality as well as safe equipment.

Semi-automatic micro plate washer (ELISA washer)

The machine is ideal for washing immunoassays in 8-well and 96-well micro plate for ELISA procedures, a unique ergonomic platform can accommodate 8-channel dispenser and accept flexible placement of 96-well micro plate in a flat or upward sloping way.

WBO series, unstiired up to 80 degrees water bath

the MRC stainless steel water bath are available in two sizes 10 liters and 20 litres. Unstirred bath are used for general applications in laboratories. A pid temperature controller provides instant and accurate temperature.

BSC11A, class 1 biological safety cabinet:

is a negative pressure ventilated cabinet usually operated with an open front and a minimum face velocity at the work opening of at least 75 linear feet per minute(lfpm). All of the air from the cabinet is sent through a HEPA filter, either into the laboratory or to the outside.

CCG/PCG-series, programmable bench top constant temperature and humidity chamber, 80 or 120 liter:

offer flexible uniformity and control accuracy required for cost eefctive testing for a variety of products. Ideal for testing smaller products such as computer components, automobile sensors or cellular phones, combines superior performance with compact design that is perfect for research.

DM-6056,100A DCA/ACA clamp meter

Measure DCA and ACA on the inductive conductor, design meet IEC 1010 safety requirement, compact and heavy duty ABS housing plastic case, LSI circuit provides high reliability and durability

SHD-12, slide denaturation/hybridization system

programmable system and humidifying that automates the steps in a slide based FISH procedure and provides walk away convenience for clinical and research personell. The low cost unit accepts a wide range of sample types.

GHC SERIES Wire embedded three one tube furnaces, 1200 degrees Celsius:

provides a considerable longer uniform temperature zone that is possible with single zone furnaces. However if a programed controlled cooling ramp is required then specify the retransmission of set point control option at the time of ordering.

CEN-MLKFT-EC, table top milk centrifuge

: is a specific for analysing milk and milk products according to the hygienic standards. It is applicable in such fields as milk and milk products, medicine and pharmacy, biochemistry and hygienic food to measure the volume or percentage of the fat centrifuged from milk.

ABS Series, Analytical balances

This represents standard level of analytical balances. They are equipped with backlit LCD display. Accuracy and precise measurement are determined by internal calibration, dependant on time and temperature changes.

FIA-6 Fiber analyser

fiber analyser uses U.S imported high acid resistant alkali resistant long life filter pump and high precision acid, achieves the breakthrough of internal essential parts, high efficient infrared tube heating greatly enhances temperature control and heat efficiency.

MBP-series Moisture analyser

are measuring devices specially designed for determination of moisture content of relatively small samples of various materials. Its equipped with backlit graphic display, due to which the user interface is clear and easy to use. Has 99 drying procedures where each entry has its programmed name.

HP-D series digital and programmable hotplates, aluminium top:

used in distillation, extraction and digestion, heat aqueous reagents, semiconductor baking, acid/base digestions-trace metal analysis, heating TLC plates, warning/curing applications-pastes adhesives and solder.


: FH series is the first defence to minimise chemical exposure to research workers. They are considered the primary means of protection from inhalation of hazardous vapors. FH-Series fume hood has five models.

Auto loop, carousel for flame sterilizing inoculation loops

the inoculation loop carousel auto-loop PRO which is suitable for up to 4 inoculation loops, was developed to comply with current requirements in microbiological, cell biological and bio technological laboratories.

FA-5 Fat automatic analyser

Designed based on the soxhlet extraction principle, is an automatic crude fat analyser in which weight method is used to determine the fat content

SMF-806/808/810 stereo microscope

there is a wide application in industry field. Ergonomic design ensures comfortable and accurate operation in a natural posture. Unrivalled optical performance, ergonomic design and a variety of accessories to meet your requirements. Tilting binocular eye piece tube, 5-45 degrees inclination, eye piece 16X and 20X, dark filed and epi-flourescent attachment, photography and video attachment.

lE-740F/740FH, Growth chambers:

with its unique adaptability to different research applications the LE-740F/FH offers an economical and flexible equipment platform. Incubation, tissue culture, plant growth. Integrate our PID control system associated to the large interactive TFT 7” control panel.

VHT 75/550 Electrode oven

shaft furnace (loading from the top) is designed for welding electrodes heating and drying upto 550 degrees celcius, maintains upto 40kg of 45cm electrodes, 15 containers are inside for electrodes storage, temperature range +50 - + 550, micro-processor temperature controller, natural air convection.

PLRM-4, Full-circle manual polarimeters

manual polarimeters is ideal for determining concentration levels of samples for applications in the medical, educational, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

TOS-3030/TOS-3030D, orbital shaker:

MRC large open air shakers designed to uniformly shake hundreds of sample, smooth and powerful orbital motion at a low speed, continuous or timed operation, optional second platform available to double the working area, standard elastic ties for easy fitting of flasks and conical tubes.

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